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Drake Systems Group




Mikki Piper 


Courtesy Drake Systems Group


Why You're Here

The TMC PrincipleTM


Every project needs time, and there simply must be enough time to do things right the first time. Rushing projects leads to compromise. Compromise leads to cuttng corners.


Cutting corners is the simple difference between conducting best practices in the beginning and peforming CYA in the end.


Sure, every job needs margins. But not every job has them. There's no glory in doing a project that is thin on margin...even on the promise that another job is around the corner. 


Without proper margins, the only thing around the corner is the list of companies who failed their customers.


An unspoken truth about controls programming: it's only as good as the installation it's designed to control. The best code in the world can't survive any level of incompetency.


Quality installs, with proper management of both the project and the customer is where successful projects are born.

BMA was started with a simple concept: only get involved in projects that make sense.That meant putting basic principles in place first.


We start with the usual stuff. We're honest. We're ethical. We keep our commitments. We ensure we adhere to standard best business practices, adhering to the industry's Recommended Best Business Practices for Independent Programmers (a standard we actually helped write).

But there was more. We realized that to be considered the best, we had to align ourselves with the best. So when we evaluate a new customer, we ensure they adhere to what ultimately became known as The TMC PrincipleTM. 


The three main ingrediants for every successful project,


Time. Margin. Competency.

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